Social Enterprises

Businesses trading for good

A Social Enterprise is a business that trades to achieve a social and/or environmental purpose, on an individual, community or global level. Social enterprises should generate most of their income through trade, not funding, by selling goods or services in the open market, and have clear rules on how profits are reinvested into their social mission.

A social enterprise must be majority controlled in the interests of their social mission, must be autonomous of the state and must be accountable and transparent.

Hackney Co-operative Developments formed 30 years ago to assist people into co-operative enterprise and this remains a primary focus of our organisation. Over 30 years we have lead the way for business growth and economic regeneration in our locality, supporting co-operatives, social enterprises and locally-owned businesses through consultancy, training, incubation and providing suitable premises to grow businesses.

HCD have extensive experience in delivering support to co-operatives, social and community  enterprises, through funded schemes such as our Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme and through directly paid for services.

We offer support in all areas of co-operative, social and community enterprise including business planning, governance, finance, environmental sustainability, fundraising, legal advice, marketing, property management, investment readiness, decision-making and social return on investment.

We advise from over 30 years of experience of working with local authorities, government agencies and community sector organisations to deliver development and regeneration projects, which has lead to such a positive change in the economic development and urban landscape of Dalston, Hackney.

We can share the expertise we have developed in our work in new-build and rehabilitating  buildings into a vibrant and extensive property portfolio of workspace and community assets, as well as leading on the development and management of new public spaces.

We advise on all areas of fundraising and social investment, including supporting clients with bid-writing and developing Community Share Offers.

We help clients develop effective partnership work to tackle social problems, realise market opportunities and build support from the local community through outreach and engagement.

We can help you to develop the systems that will measure what is important to your organisation, and effectively demonstrate your impact to all of your stakeholders, including current and potential funders, your local community, your beneficiaries and even your own Board and team.

We are highly experienced facilitators, mentors and trainers offering group or one-to-one support.