Into work Support

HCD with Best Practice Training has been providing Employment support listed below and other services as required for people referred from Jobcentre. The project is part of the Flexible Support Fund secured from DWP.

• One-to-one Initial IAG, goal setting and planning 
• Identify personal strengths/weaknesses on one-to-one base 
• Identify suitable sectors and job types for each client 
• Produce a CV and help produce a covering letter 
• Identify specific jobs/employers 
• Complete job application forms including help with IT/online applications 
• Advice on personal presentation/grooming etc  
• Interview skills and preparation 
• Personal Development focusing on confidence building, motivation, inter-personal communication skills and time 
• Help with English/Communication/Maths as required
• Help improve thinking styles and resilience as required
•Work experience to enable job seekers to acquire work place skills on individual basis for all claimants.
•Mentoring/coaching during their work
•initial business or social enterprise start-up advice and support