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Future Property Developments

We can bring credible affordable workspace to your new development

Hackney Co-operative Developments are keen to grow our existing property portfolio in order to extend the support we give to start-up and micro-businesses, encouraging further economic growth and job creation in the local area.

If you are a property developer looking to include affordable workspace in your new development in Hackney, or are required to do so under a Section 106 agreement, HCD is your first choice of employment space provider.  

  • As a long-established not-for-profit Community Interest Company, we can provide assurance of the Community Benefit in your proposed development.
  • As trusted provider of business development advice and a pioneer in community-led local economic regeneration over 30 years, we can provide credibility to your reach to the local business community. We have a large waiting list of potential tenants of all sizes from a range of industries. 

Hackney Co-operative Developments has been an Affordable Workspace Provider for over 25 years, pioneering the development of this supportive industry in Hackney.

Affordable Workspace Providers play an important role in Hackney’s business ecosystem and together we make a major contribution to delivering targeted, flexible and affordable business workspace as part of Hackney’s ongoing urban regeneration.

Our primary target client groups for future developments are in the Media & Tech, Cultural and Social industries.

Media and Tech businesses currently account for 19% of our tenants, a number of whom have developed a global market and reputation for their work during their growth within our accomodation. This is the category of tenant which has demonstrated the highest growth in recent years and consequentially the fastest job creation. An estimated 37% of employment in the borough is within the tech industries and the number of these businesses has grown by 52%. We aim to support this market trend by providing more flexible workspaces that are able to offer desk space to start-ups, which can take on more spaces incrementally as they grow and enable them to scale quickly. Having seen greater take-up by this industry in our existing properties, we would be particularly interested in developments in the parts of the borough that link our concentration of workspaces in Dalston to the Tech City hub.

Cultural Industries represent 23% of our current tenant stock and an estimated 13% of businesses in Hackney borough, accounting for around 10% of overall employment. Working closely with cultural industries has allowed HCD to play a major role in the regeneration of Dalston Town Centre, through our Dalston Culture House development and our role in developing Gillett Square. We are keen to further develop our agency role in this sector and would be particularly interested in developments within Hackney’s town centres and in the Hackney Wick regeneration project.

Through our delivery of business development programmes such as Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney and the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, we are supporting approximately 20 start-ups per year in the co-operative and social enterprise sectors. Ideally we would like to continue to incubate these organisations through their early trading years through the provision of appropriate workspace. These clients are drawn from all of the economic sectors and accordingly have a wide range of premises needs. The values held by these organisations lead them to aim to trade within the social economy, therefore they seek to find premises with a social landlord, such as HCD.

HCD is listed on London Borough Hackney’s Affordable Workspace Provider Register.If you are interested in working with HCD in your upcoming property developments, please contact Anthonia Onigbode at a.onigbode@hcd.coop

All income generated through HCD’s Workspace Lettings is re-invested in our community economic development and cultural programming activities.