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Malachite Theatre Company

A co-operative theatre company reconnecting Shoreditch with its Shakespearian past


Our mission is to reconnect Shakespeare with Shoreditch in the public consciousness.
This includes the presentation of work written by William Shakespeare when he was resident in the area between 1592-1599.

The Malachites call this body of work the 'Shoreditch 19' - written while Shakespeare was living in Bishopsgate and working for James Burbage, proprietor of The Curtain Theatre (Curtain Road) and The Theatre (New Inn Yard).

The Malachites currently pursue this mission at a number of exciting site-specific venues across Shoreditch including ongoing partnerships with St Leonard's Church, Rockwell House (site of the original Curtain Theatre) and the Geffrye Museum.

The Malachites are a Co-operative Community Interest Company.